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One of the most frequent questions that we get is, “What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?” Coaching and mentoring are terms that are often used interchangeably even though there are significant differences.


is more regimented and often includes a set duration. It gives support and guidance to help clients improve their abilities, resources, and creativity. A coach is an experienced individual who helps a learner or client achieve a certain personal or professional goal by offering instruction and direction. Career coaching, transition coaching, executive coaching, and business coaching are some of the areas where coaches specialize.


is frequently a lengthy partnership between two experienced people. A mentor can assist mentee  in career advancement and connecting with opportunities. Mentors can accomplish this by sharing their experience, assisting mentee in identifying opportunities, and possibly opening doors when the time comes. The emphasis is on professional development for the mentee, with the mentee setting the agenda and contacting the mentor as needed. The mentor-mentee relationship is more development-focused, with a more comprehensive approach to career and personal development.

Get help with…

Career Growth

Although job interviews can be scary, a little practice can make all the difference

Career coaches are well versed in interviewing techniques and can help you grow confidence in answering all sorts of questions. Browse through our coaches and select one who best matches with your interview requirements, book a session and start practicing.

Personal Development

Stuck in a rut? and not sure what your next step should be?

We’ve all been there, whether it’s our job, where we are living or even our health. At times we all come to these crossroads where it is time to make a decision and move on with our lives but at times not sure where and how? Our Expert Coaches and Mentors can help guide you to make that decision and also help you to stick with it. 


Been hearing alot about Crypto and how it is making people into Millionaires?

Like the most of us, I am sure we have heard the word Crypto hundreds of times but no one has really been able to explain what this phenomenon actually is. Find a Crypto Coach or Mentor than can help you to understand how it all works and what’s the best way to start making a living from it. 

 Benefits of our platform


  • NWe bring global clients to you for your coaching and mentoring business
  • NBuilt in video technology for all your sessions
  • NCalendar overview of weekly and monthly upcoming sessions
  • NIntegrated and streamlined payments through PayPal and all managed in your own personal Wallet
  • NEmail notifications of all bookings, cancellations and disputes
  • NAdvanced dispute tracking system to ensure you get paid on time
  • NBest of all No registration fees or other hidden costs, we only ask for 15% of all bookings once complete


  • NTailored approach to your personal growth and professional development
  • NGet guidance on day to day issues you are facing in your personal and professional life
  • NBook a session based on your budget and timetable
  • NFind a coach or mentor from your industry or with a similar skillset
  • NKeep in constant contact with your coach through our integrated chat module
  • NPay and complete your booking with your feedback
  • NFind experts from different countries in case you are looking to move

Does coaching work?

A global client study of more than 2000 clients across 64 countries conducted by the International Coaching Federation in 2009 revealed:


‘somewhat’ or ‘very satisfied’ with overall experience


improved time management


would repeat the process


improved communication skills


improved work performance


improved self confidence

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