Getting great advice can help improve life chances and aid career progression. But until now, coaching and mentorship have been out of reach for many people; it was too expensive, availability was low, or it relied on living near a good expert.

We want to break down the barriers for getting access to coaching and mentorship, helping you grow to your potential.

As an organisation, all of us have been in those sticky situations “should I stay or should I go?”, the continuous doubts, fears and opinions make us more confused to the point where we are ready to give up. Getting Hireviser off the ground has not been an easy task, while working fulltime, managing a family and setting up a business. Continuous coaching and mentorship was what helped us prioritise our needs as individuals, as a team and as an organisation. It helped put it all in perspective and turns out we were all on different pages of the book, but that was fine because we were writing that book together. 

Now I could write a famous quote here or say something flashy but in all honestly its really simple, we want to help you grow as individuals, to meet your goals and to be happy. Although nobody can guarantee any of this, easy access to coaching and mentorship will get get you started to find your direction, your path or even your dream. 


Our Team

Shehzad Khan

Shehzad Khan

Founder & CEO

Shehzad’s mission is simple, to help everyone around him grow and now he wants to use technology to spread this love.

Kalwant Rana

Kalwant Rana

Co-Founder - Operations

Kalwant comes with over 30 years of experience working in Design, Sales and Education.

Farzad Khan

Farzad Khan


Farzad has over 20 years of experience in the web technologies space and aims to provide you with the best user experience. 

Marie Marinas

Marie Marinas


Marie is a Marketing Ninja, with years of experience working with online platforms and technologies

Our Values

Our values are life statements we like to implement internally as an organisation, celebrating how our team continues to develop and grow, but also for you, our customers to ensure we are offering you the best service possible. 


We think it always starts with identifying the need to grow, to get to that next level, whether that’s studying for a course, waiting on a promotion or running that extra mile. As long as we keep on growing we will keep on hitting that roof. 

Grow more

Once identified, we like to branch out, try new things. Why keep going if it isn’t working? motivating? helping me grow? maybe it’s time for something new, something bold, something I’m passionate about.

Don't stop growing

Once we find our groove, don’s stop, keep going. Try it all, in every direction, anywhere, so along as you keep growing. 

Let’s Get Started

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