Top 10 Jobs that Involve Traveling

Top 10 Jobs that Involve Traveling

There are plenty of reasons why having a job that involves traveling seems like a dream. Not only do you get paid for doing the job, but you also get to go to places and experience them for free.

For a lot of ordinary people, traveling means to escape, relax, and discover; which would consequently mean spending – allocating funds for plane tickets, accommodation, food, and activities. Luckily, these employees get to have the best of both worlds (work and travel).

Are you someone that’s had enough of the office jobs or has been wanting a career that fits your lifestyle? Hireviser created a list of several jobs that will allow you to work and at the same time travel ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge.

Note: All the jobs mentioned herein require some qualifications and a high level of expertise.



Flight Attendant

This is the most obvious job that gives you the opportunity to go places and a great way for you to get paid. Travel for free without breaking the bank! Who doesn’t want that? It’s amazing to know that most airlines have extended these benefits to spouses, dependents, and even parents.


Cruise Ship Worker

Yet another job that takes you places. Come to think of it, cruise ships are sailing all over the world. Crewmembers might also have access to private dining halls, lounges, and bars, which are often provided at a cheaper price. Can we now say that the work-life of a cruise ship worker is one big holiday?


International Journalist 

These professionals can work in radio, television, online news sites, newspapers, and magazines. The job keeps the public informed by reporting on current events, hosting interviews, investigating leads, gathering facts, and telling stories. More often than not, the job requires them to go places to gather necessary information. 


International Aid Worker

There are a lot of humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross and the United Nations that employ international aid/development workers scattered across the globe. Another wonderful job includes traveling with a greater sense of purpose. 


Agro-Tourism (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

WWOOF is a movement that connects organic farmers and travel volunteers in an effort to increase cultural understanding. In exchange for accommodation, nutritious food, and opportunities to learn about organic and self-sufficient lifestyles for just 20-30 hours of work a week. If you like, there are endless opportunities on an extended-travel trip to 100 countries that are part of the WWOOF. 


Pharmaceutical Sales Rep or Medical Representativ

Their main job is to visit existing and prospective Physicians, pharmacy owners, and other health professionals to introduce them to a line of medications, vaccinations, treatments, and other health-related products. For it to be done, there is a need to visit Physician’s clinics from one area to another. 



The job often involves traveling to conduct explorations and research site observations. Ready your stamina for some fieldwork. In some instances, geologists must also carry equipment to gather specimens and test them in the field. 


Foreign Affairs (Diplomat)

The job will not only let you see other parts of the world but will also let you explore different cultures and connect with local communities. The diplomat’s role plays a key part in protecting the nation’s interests abroad, including economic, political, social, or cultural views.


Social Media Influencers

They have built their reputation online for being experts in their chosen areas which explains the thousands and millions of views and following. Take a good look at travel vloggers, they get a lot of sponsorships to visit resorts, beaches, and other tourist spots in exchange for video content.  


Au Pair

Being an Au Pair gives you the opportunity to travel and live in a foreign country for a period of time. The au pair supports the host family with childcare and light housework while learning the language and culture of the host country.  

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in 2021

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in 2021

The impact of coronavirus greatly affected us all in different ways. Millions have lost their jobs and millions of people are still looking for work amidst the pandemic.

If you’re looking for information about in-demand jobs in 2021, you’ve come to the right place. You have the best chance of getting hired if you are pursuing any one of these 10 careers in 2021.


Registered Nurse

Our modern-day heroes. When the Coronavirus began to make a significant impact in the world, our public health sector was gravely wounded. There is a strong demand for nurses, especially in the coming years, as we continue to navigate the crisis.  The nursing profession can make it possible for you to work anywhere in the world. As an example, the United States of America is open for foreign nurses and offers a competitive package for qualified candidates.  Some employers offer a relocation package, flight expenses, medical insurance coverage, and an EB-3 visa.


Healthcare support staff

It’s no wonder that so many medical occupations are growing in popularity.   Healthcare providers have developed plans to increase bed space for more patients. Additional support staff such as lab technicians to conduct detailed medical laboratory testing and trained staff to care for them.


Delivery Drivers

The shift to online shopping gives birth to a frontline eCommerce worker; the delivery driver.  Many retailers and logistics companies need drivers to meet the swift transition to e-commerce and transport food or goods from restaurants and stores to customers. As a result, the demand for delivery items has spiked during the pandemic.


Software Engineer

Due to the development of the Internet, the demand for software engineers has unexpectedly increased. Software Engineers are the ones who design computer software that makes our lives better. They are highly sought after by companies to develop computer software based on the target user’s needs. Thus, it is no secret that software engineers are one of the highest-paid employees across the world. 


Digital Marketer

With the advent of social media marketing, competition is extremely fierce and it is difficult for a brand to be successful without marketing operations. Buyers nowadays would prefer the convenience of online shopping more than ever. A digital manager generates leads and builds brand awareness through the use of digital channels such as social media accounts, websites, blogs, and emails. 


Customer service representative

Great customer service is the holy grail of any business. It can either make or break the business. A customer service representative’s job is to build a good relationship and personalized experience with customers, by going the extra mile in making sure that the customer is happy and satisfied with a company’s products or services in a timely manner.


Digital Content Creators 

Last year social media users grew at the fastest rate in three years. Roughly 9 in 10 of the world’s internet users already use social media each month. As we shifted to a digital age, the demand for digital content creators grew 49% year-over-year.  Content creators create information through videos, graphics, pictures, and articles for digital media. Typically, a content creator will create content for a particular niche. 


Mental health specialists

Mental distress was undeniably experienced by many since the onset of the pandemic. Lockdowns, family members dying, unemployment, and the lack of certainty about the future all contributed to the increase in mental health concerns. While psychiatric care has continued through the pandemic, the ability to serve clients has been significantly affected by the pandemic. The demand for therapists generated by the pandemic has prompted institutions to hire more. 


General Laborer

A general laborer works in construction where they help erect scaffolding, clean-up sites, and assist specialized workers such as painters and electricians. Nowadays, many developers are getting ahead in securing the number of skilled workers they need. Outsource staffing is being considered this year due to Construction Industry Staffing Shortages. 


Cyber Security Personnel 

The current global pandemic caused a greater emphasis on digital platforms. As we rely more heavily on technology, our digital security is becoming more important as a result. Becoming more digitally advanced prompted a shortage of cybersecurity workers.  A cybersecurity worker is on the lookout for unintentional or malicious attacks or computer security breaches and fraudulent activity.

Top 10 Part Time Jobs that Pay Well

Top 10 Part Time Jobs that Pay Well

Working your way to college?  Looking for a part-time job for additional income? Part-time jobs for stay-at-home parents?

A lot of people seek part-time jobs for different reasons. The convenient schedule it offers attracts many, especially those who want freedom and flexibility. Plus, part-time jobs can be of help especially to people who are struggling to make ends meet. If you are a student or are currently employed and simply need to have a side hustle, then this article is for you. As with every job on this list, you may find full-time work, but you can probably find plenty of part-time positions too.



Bartenders are responsible for mixing and serving drinks for customers. You’ll find them working in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and other liquor-licensed establishments. The salary depends on the bartending experience and the level of expertise. In some upscale restaurants and bars, bartenders tend to earn more in tips than their standard wages.


General Maintenance & Repair Worker 

General maintenance and repair workers are hired for maintenance and repair tasks at companies like a hotel, apartment complex, hospital, and private homes. The duties may involve painting, installations, welding, and repairing floors, or stairs.


Personal Shopper 

They are hired by clients to shop for everything from groceries to furniture, but most personal shoppers buy clothing and accessories for their clients. While some are working independently, there are some personal shoppers who work in department stores and are paid an hourly rate.


Private Fitness Instructor 

Fitness Instructors prepare workout routines that are specific to the needs of their clients. They may work with individual clients or teach group classes and may train in a gym or in the client’s home. The fitness instructor could charge $20 per hour or more, depending on the experience and what clients are willing to pay.



The rate depends on the complexity of the subject matter, the grade level of the student, and the tutor’s education level and experience. There are three primary types of tutors – online, private, and corporate tutors.  Tutors specialize in a particular subject or range of topics. These education professionals can work in schools, tutoring centers, universities, or other community or educational institutions, providing valuable help and promoting ongoing learning for students of all ages.


Online Freelancer

As technology and the internet continue to improve, online freelancing is becoming more and more available. The most obvious examples of online freelancing are programming, content writing, or web designing. But, there are tons of opportunities where you can start your online career.  An online job gives you the opportunity to work from home or any remote location, rather than reporting to a set location daily. 


Bank Teller 

In some areas of the world, a bank teller is a part-time job. The main duties of a bank teller are processing customer deposits, withdrawals, cashing checks, and taking loan payments. The occupation does provide routes for advancing to other banking positions, such as head teller, customer sales and service representative, and personal banker.


Food Driver 

Since the pandemic, the demand for food delivery has become an even more popular choice among consumers. Food delivery is a decent gig, and many consider it as one of the easiest part-time jobs due to its simplicity. Food drivers are responsible to pick and deliver food items to customers who made an order for home delivery. Usually, food drivers are affiliated with third-party delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash.



There are a lot of full-time plumbers, but perhaps you will find a part-time job at a factory or other business. Some are working on their own to work off-hours, weekends, and emergencies. A plumber troubleshoots dysfunctional pipe systems and repairs or replaces worn parts. They sometimes work alongside other construction workers.


Personal Chef 

Personal chefs work for a certain family or individual who does not have the time or capacity to prepare meals daily. They are tasked to prepare meals at home depending on the customer’s taste and needs. On special occasions, a personal chef may manage a team of cooks and act as a caterer for a buffet-style event. 


Top 10 Most Fun Employers to Work For

Top 10 Most Fun Employers to Work For

A continuous cycle of waking up, reporting to work, and going to bed. We are spending more than one-third of our waking hours just working. More often than not, we are too focused on meeting deadlines and projects that we forget to loosen up and take a break.  We look past the importance of having fun in the workplace. And guess what’s next?  Dissatisfaction. It’s like a symptom that manifests lack of interest, poor performance, and absenteeism.  In today’s modern workplace, many employers recognize the importance of cultivating a unique and fun culture for employees.  A study shows that an employee’s happiness has a direct correlation to productivity, loyalty, and satisfaction. So what’s in it for the employer? Overall Success. The happier the employees are, the more successful the company is. Now, let’s dive right into the details of our Top 10 most fun employers to work for and check how these employers strike a healthy balance between work and home life.



Our list of the 10 most fun employers to work with will not be complete without Google.   For the record, Google consistently makes the top list of having awesome perks and fun office culture. Here are a few samples of employee perks you’re missing out on. Decompression Capsules, Discounts for events, free onsite haircuts, onsite launderette where employees can take their laundry, dogs are more than welcome on the premises, and complimentary gourmet snacks 24/7.



Let the name do the talking.  The name itself sets the expectation that there is so much fun waiting for you. No matter where you’re located, you get the benefits that come with working for Disney, such as Theme Park admissions, free food and sneak previews of the latest upcoming attractions, a variety of health and wellness programs and seminars, tuition assistance, and weekly pay.



We can’t go on with this list without including one of the world’s biggest social media giants. Facebook takes pride in advocating a holistic approach to employees’ perks and benefits. A whopping $4,000 in “baby cash” for new parents, free meals and snacks throughout the day, and Valet parking for the Menlo Park headquarters, along with a free charging station for electric cars. Free bikes take employees around to the different areas as the whole campus is like a little city with restaurants, dry cleaners, and barbershops. 



Talk about next-level facilities and creative spaces for employees! LEGO has turned its office into a playground to encourage and bring out the creative sides of its employees. Indeed, they are living up to their vision of “Inventing the future of play”. Combined with unique meeting places, individual pods, and even a huge slide in the center of the office there is definitely a time to take a break and unwind.



This is not shocking! Adobe aims to provide programs that promote employee satisfaction and growth opportunities such as meditation rooms, kickboxing, and pilates classes. They also offer very practical perks, including vehicle maintenance service, haircuts, and a farmer’s market. End your workweek right by kicking back and relaxing at a TGIF event with free food and drinks.



GoDaddy definitely has the answer in making a workplace fun, engaging, and appealing especially for the millennial workforce. With its vision of work-life balance that helps attract, retain and motivate employees, it created an amazing office facility with impressive wellness and sports zones. You can play basketball, volleyball, mini-golf, and wall climbing. 



LinkedIn benefits and perks can make your life even better with their philosophy “work hard, play hard.” Personalize your benefits with fitness classes, gym memberships, massage, personal trainers, childcare, eldercare, pet care, house cleaning, tax preparation, and student loan repayments. Get a free Premium account, LinkedIn learning subscription, and discounts on Microsoft products. Plus, you get to celebrate the end of the year with a week-long paid shutdown. How cool is that?



HubSpot is about building a culture of flexibility, learning, and belonging. At HubSpot, you decide when and for how long to take time off and work remotely from the location of your choice. Imagine working in front of a pristine beach. That’s surreal!  After five years with HubSpot, you get a four-week paid sabbatical, with the equivalent of a $5K US bonus. Like many others, HubSpot offers nutrition consultations, workshops on mindfulness and stress management. 



AOL has put so much effort into offering perks that create a productive work environment for AOLers. Who wouldn’t want chair massages, nap rooms, free drinks, snacks, and onsite fitness classes! AOL might be the dream company for those who like to lip sync battle, Ping-Pong, and play foosball. 



It is a fact that Apple treats employees with a deeper level of care, respect, and understanding. They offer multiple flexible medical plans that cover both physical and mental healthcare, onsite doctors, and nurses at Apple’s wellness centers. Every employee has the opportunity to become an Apple shareholder and free formal education related to advancing your career at Apple. Plus, annual $300 gym credit, free beer and appetizers at the company’s beer bashes, and workers can get $250 off an iPad or $500 off a Mac according to Glassdoor.


Top 10 Strangest Jobs in the World

Top 10 Strangest Jobs in the World

Considering the global pandemic caused by COVID 19, we can count ourselves lucky for still having a job that pays for our needs. Living in these circumstances can be tough especially for people who lost their jobs. The good thing is some agencies are currently working on job creation to support many lives in these challenging times.  Have you been thinking about changing careers but not sure which way to go? Hireviser decided to collate oddly interesting jobs that you have probably never heard about. Through this, you might get an idea, inspiration, or use it as a comparison. If you are looking for more adventure and off-the-wall job discoveries, then this is the right place to be. Buckle up as we will be touring many exciting parts of the world. 

Kentucky, USA

Turns out the world’s horse capital with a long equestrian tradition is the place to be for Farriers or someone who makes horseshoes. The annual salary of a farrier in the U.S. is more than $55,000. However, the top 10% of farriers earn more than $165,000 per year according to Most skilled farriers are self-employed, so you would need to find your own clients, organize your own bookings and prepare your own set of tools.

Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo is one of the most populated cities in the world which makes it almost impossible to get on the subway especially during rush hour. This is where train pushing officers come into play. “Oshiya” or “pusher” paid to literally shove as many people as possible inside the train. However, with the introduction of automatic door controls and automatic turnstiles, pushers slowly began to lose their jobs.

New South Wales, Australia

There are active tagging programs in NSW Australia that help scientists to determine the shark’s movement patterns and gather data. There will be tons of expeditions or research trips with world-renowned shark teams.  For someone who is fascinated and wants to know more about sharks, this might be the one for you.  And if you find yourself suited to tagging sharks, you probably won’t be in competition with too many others.

Costa Rica

The cuidacarro’s job isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Someone can watch your car when you are gone so that nobody steals it. You can see them near or in front of establishments like restaurants, grocery stores, and offices. This job is also present in some countries in Southeast Asia. If you are someone who can endure the heat and hours of waiting, you might want to try this out as a part-time job.

Mississippi, USA

If you are not afraid of a life-or-death situation, here’s a job for you — Alligator wrangler in the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Mississippi is known for many alligators and alligator wranglers are needed to remove the large and dangerous animals from residential areas. There have been reports of alligators seen in the front yards of several houses in the past which explains why there is a need for alligator wranglers. That’s scary! But if you have such an appetite, go for it. 

Helsinki, Finland

There’s money in sleeping and testing the comfort of Helsinki’s Hotel Finn’s beds. The ‘professional sleeper’ sleeps in a different bed each night and writes a review about the daily experiences. Come on!  This might be everyone’s dream job. But, be informed that wires will be attached to you and people will be watching you for research purposes.


Nobody likes to wait in line for hours and Narabiyas (Japanese for stand-in-liners) is heaven-sent to do the job for many Japanese shoppers. It is believed that Tokyo is a treasure house of shopping places in all of Japan. December and January are extremely busy months for most shops, as their winter sales attract lots of people looking to spend their year-end bonuses. High demand for Narabiyas is expected during the sale season. People can really make a living out of just waiting in line for someone else. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is a biking country which makes Amsterdam it’s the bicycle-friendly capital city. Thus giving rise to another profession – the bicycle fisher. Their job is to keep the canals clean and safe for the boats. Dutch people don’t even concern themselves with having the very latest model of bike or hi-tech gadgets. They regard their bikes as trusty companions as it is an integral part of their everyday life.  To ensure the safety of the cyclist, cycle paths are completely segregated and clearly marked from motorized vehicles.

Beijing, China

China is one of the largest recyclers of human waste and the poop collecting profession has been a tradition since ancient times. Human waste will be collected and dispatched to areas where it is used as fertilizer and biogas.


Italy is a country known for its great variety of cheeses which ranges from fresh, mild delicacies to hard and aged cheeses as well as some types that you might be less familiar with. The process of transforming milk into cheese has several phases. One of which is listening to its sound, that’s where Cheese listeners come into the picture. To create the perfect Parmesan cheese, creators don’t just base the product’s quality on taste, it also has to do with sound.  The cheese listener will tap the cheese with a silver hammer and listen for any structural defects in the crystallization process. If you are interested, you better have a good hearing!