Free Moodle Employability Course

 We at HIREVISER have created the first 6 weeks of a 28 week Employability Moodle course available free to colleges, universities and schools around the UK. This course is designed to support and prepare your students in learning effective employability skills. 

Free? What's the catch?

No catch at all. We just want to do our part in supporting students find their path.

A few important bits about the course we thought you would find useful

Course design

We have tried our best to keep the design as simple and standard as possible to allow it to fit into your own Moodle installation. 


Our aim was always to create content for a wider reach and so the level of the course can cater to students starting GCSEs all the way up to university students. 

Pick and Choose

The course has been designed in modules and so you can easily pick and choose the modules you would like to present to your students. 


We have tried our best to keep the modules as enagaging as possible through custom videos, activities, group work and assignments. 

Moodle Plugins

The only non-standard plugin we have used is the Moodle Diary Plugin to allow students to keep a journal that is integral to the coaching aspect of the course.

Content Strategy

We have focused a practical strategy that would allow students to build their career paths and profiles as they complete the course. 

Let’s Get Started

Simply click below to register, view the course and offer your feedback

If you would like a copy of the course to try out on your own Moodle installation then please email us at