Learner FAQ


How to add a profile picture?

Simply click “Edit Profile” and select “Change Profile Picture” to add a photo. Don’t forget to update.

Can students edit any of the details in their profile?

Yes, basically everything from profile details, password, email address and Paypal.

How to cancel the account?

Simply click on the delete option located under “Settings”.If there are any available funds under the account, it will be automatically transferred to the registered paypal account.


What is the mode of payment?

Students can use their Paypal account, debit and credit card.


How to file for a dispute?

Go to the “My Orders” tab and look for the order number then click the dispute button. Before submitting the request the student will be asked to provide the reason for the request. The request can be settled through refund or reschedule.


Where can students find their order history?

Go to “My Orders” tab to see all the booked sessions with corresponding order numbers.

Is there any option to rate and review coaches?

Yes, students can rate coaches once the session is over. These ratings are then shown on the “Feedback Given” section under the dashboard tab.

Can students see their current expert?

Of course! It is located under the “My Experts” section which also gives the students the option to easily message their experts for queries and concerns.

How to look for experts?

Simply click on the “Find a Coach” tab and all our coaches profiles across the globe will be shown. Students can use our filters such as free coaching, highest review & lowest price

How can students check the messages sent by experts?

After signing in, go directly to the “Messages” tab to see all the messages. The students can also start a conversation by simply clicking the “+” logo located above the search tab.

How can students book a lesson?

Go to “Find an Expert” which will open a list of coaches registered on the portal. Select a coach with whom you want to book a lesson and go to his/her profile.

How can students reschedule a lesson?

Go to “Lessons” which will display all the scheduled lessons. Click on the “Reschedule Lesson” icon of the lesson which is to be rescheduled.

How can students cancel a lesson?

Go to “Lessons” which will display all the scheduled lessons. Click on the “Reschedule Lesson” icon of the lesson which is to be rescheduled.

Will the students see the list of upcoming sessions?

Yes, the list is shown under the dashboard tab located on the right side of the page.

What software will be used during the session?

Zoom is the software that allows experts and students to utilize video, audio & screen sharing. A link will be provided on the dashboard to automatically connect the expert and student to the session.

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