Top 10 Jobs that Involve Traveling
Top 10 Jobs that Involve Traveling
Posted On Jun 30, 2021
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There are plenty of reasons why having a job that involves traveling seems like a dream. Not only do you get paid for doing the job, but you also get to go to places and experience them for free.

For a lot of ordinary people, traveling means to escape, relax, and discover; which would consequently mean spending – allocating funds for plane tickets, accommodation, food, and activities. Luckily, these employees get to have the best of both worlds (work and travel).

Are you someone that’s had enough of the office jobs or has been wanting a career that fits your lifestyle? Hireviser created a list of several jobs that will allow you to work and at the same time travel ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge.

Note: All the jobs mentioned herein require some qualifications and a high level of expertise.



Flight Attendant

This is the most obvious job that gives you the opportunity to go places and a great way for you to get paid. Travel for free without breaking the bank! Who doesn’t want that? It’s amazing to know that most airlines have extended these benefits to spouses, dependents, and even parents.


Cruise Ship Worker

Yet another job that takes you places. Come to think of it, cruise ships are sailing all over the world. Crewmembers might also have access to private dining halls, lounges, and bars, which are often provided at a cheaper price. Can we now say that the work-life of a cruise ship worker is one big holiday?


International Journalist 

These professionals can work in radio, television, online news sites, newspapers, and magazines. The job keeps the public informed by reporting on current events, hosting interviews, investigating leads, gathering facts, and telling stories. More often than not, the job requires them to go places to gather necessary information. 


International Aid Worker

There are a lot of humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross and the United Nations that employ international aid/development workers scattered across the globe. Another wonderful job includes traveling with a greater sense of purpose. 


Agro-Tourism (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

WWOOF is a movement that connects organic farmers and travel volunteers in an effort to increase cultural understanding. In exchange for accommodation, nutritious food, and opportunities to learn about organic and self-sufficient lifestyles for just 20-30 hours of work a week. If you like, there are endless opportunities on an extended-travel trip to 100 countries that are part of the WWOOF. 


Pharmaceutical Sales Rep or Medical Representativ

Their main job is to visit existing and prospective Physicians, pharmacy owners, and other health professionals to introduce them to a line of medications, vaccinations, treatments, and other health-related products. For it to be done, there is a need to visit Physician’s clinics from one area to another. 



The job often involves traveling to conduct explorations and research site observations. Ready your stamina for some fieldwork. In some instances, geologists must also carry equipment to gather specimens and test them in the field. 


Foreign Affairs (Diplomat)

The job will not only let you see other parts of the world but will also let you explore different cultures and connect with local communities. The diplomat’s role plays a key part in protecting the nation’s interests abroad, including economic, political, social, or cultural views.


Social Media Influencers

They have built their reputation online for being experts in their chosen areas which explains the thousands and millions of views and following. Take a good look at travel vloggers, they get a lot of sponsorships to visit resorts, beaches, and other tourist spots in exchange for video content.  


Au Pair

Being an Au Pair gives you the opportunity to travel and live in a foreign country for a period of time. The au pair supports the host family with childcare and light housework while learning the language and culture of the host country.  


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